Frost Visits with Media Following Wednesday’s Spring Practice

Nebraska Head Coach Scott Frost discussed with members of the media following Wednesday’s spring practice. Frost mentioned how everyone is falling into their places and getting a routine down for this season.

“There is a ton of energy from the new coaches and players,” Frost said. “There is a lot of learning, but we have seen exciting things out there. I have loved the attitudes and leadership, we have a good team that wants to be good as I have mentioned before. They are alive and working hard to get there and that is the first step in being a good team.”

Frost spoke about the new quarterback options and what they have to offer.

“Chubba (Purdy) has been limited, so we have not seen him a ton,” he said. “I think all the quarterbacks in general are comfortable with the things we used to do while still figuring out some of the new things. I think Casey (Thompson) is actually doing the best at the new content because everything is new to him. It is a learning process for everybody. I have been really impressed at times and watching things we need to get better at. That is the process of the spring season.”

He was also asked about the new Associate Head Coach Mickey Joseph.

“He demands a lot out of his players,” Frost said. “Having been in charge completely of the offense in years past, stepping back is a little bit easier when you have coaches that are holding everybody accountable and demanding a lot out of the players.”

The annual red-white spring game is set for April, 9 at 1 p.m. (CT) with national television coverage by the Big Ten Network.