Frost Summarizes Week Two of Fall Camp

Nebraska head coach Scott Frost met with members of the media following Nebraska’s 13th preseason on Friday. Frost discussed the second full week of fall camp and how prepared the team is for game speed.

“They are picking it up at different levels,” Frost said. “And most guys have two or three plays that look really good and then get confused on a play. That irritates you as a coach because you want everything to be perfectly clean. But that’s just kind of the learning process for the young guys.

“I was frustrated today. We had Big Ten officials out there today and we had too many flags on the ground. That has been a point of emphasis for us all camp. We are going to go watch the tape. Most of those are with the twos and threes on little things but this team needs to understand that they are good enough to be in every game if we don’t do the things to beat ourselves. And that’s been the thing we have talked to them about the most ever since the end of last season. And I hope they get and I think they do. And we will keep working on them.”

Frost was asked about how the 2020 freshman class is adjusting to a more normal preseason schedule.

“It was tough on everyone last year so that’s been said enough,” he said. “We recruit guys from out of state and they come and then there are no students on campus and nothing is open. That was a hard year for some of those guys. They missed out on spring ball and fall camp and organized winter conditioning and summer conditioning and non conference games and chances to get into games last fall. We have been trying to hit fast forward on development for some of those guys. A lot of them have responded really well.”

The Huskers will return to the practice field Saturday before taking Sunday off. Nebraska kicks off its season on Saturday, Aug. 28 at Illinois at Noon