Coach Frost Reflects on First Week of Fall Camp

Nebraska Head Coach Scott Frost met with members of the media following the seventh practice of preseason camp Friday. Frost shared his thoughts on the progress during the first week of fall camp.

“Effort and attitude have been really good,” Frost said. “And that’s been the best past. It has been fun coaching this team right now.”

Frost said the competition and depth in the receiver group has been strong, and discussed the strength of that position.

“I feel good about the receiver group,” he said. “There is a lot of competition there to get in the top six. I imagine six are going to play for the most part. A couple of other guys might sprinkle in but it’s going to be six. We are still trying to figure out who those guys are exactly. But there are a lot of guys we could rely on to go in the game now and make plays.”

Frost also commented on the dedication to special teams this season.

“Just two days ago we were doing individual drills on special teams, and I think Coach Dawson, who has been doing an unbelievable job with that, said we got 138 reps of individual technique in a 10-minute period on special teams,” Frost said. “The guys have bought into it. They are working hard in those drills. We can’t find people taking a play off on those drills. The guys know how important that is and that could be what the difference is in several games. So I see great leadership in Coach Dawson and great effort and attention to detail by our team.”

Frost explained how the presence of former coaches and players have made an impact on the team at practice.

“Coach Osborne is around a lot. I want him around as much as he wants to be around. Coach Darlington has been out there. I saw Tony Samuel already this fall. We are a Husker family and certainly Coach Osborne has been a leader of that for a long time. And we love it every time he is out there. But it is also good to see all of the other guys too. Adam Treu was at practice today. It is great to see a lot of guys who coached and wore Nebraska uniforms back at practice being around our guys.”

The Huskers will return to the practice field Saturday and Sunday before taking Monday off. Nebraska kicks off its season on Saturday, Aug. 28 at Illinois