Chinander Visits With Media About Upcoming Game with Fordham

Nebraska defensive coordinator Erik Chinander met with members of the media following Tuesday’s practice. Chinander discussed the importance of the first drive in the second half of a game and the focus going into the game against Fordham.
“That first drive coming out of second half potentially is one of the most important of the game,” Chinander said. “Obviously if you got to go win at the end of the game or things like that that can supersede but that first drive coming out second half has to be a staple for us. It has to be taken as the most important drive of the game and we covered that yesterday. I hope the guys understand how important that situation is and how much intensity and execution has to be present on that drive.”
Chinander also spoke about the pass rush performance in the Illinois game.

“The first half they did a nice job of rushing the quarterback,” he said. “I think the pass rush has improved greatly. Outside guys inside guys and most of those sacks were not schemed up sacks they were four man rushes guys getting home so that is very encouraging to see especially in conference play.”

He shared his message to the team regarding the game this weekend.

“Fix the mistakes,” Chinander said.  “Play harder than we did last week. This is a long football season. A lot was made out of the first game which it should have been but you can not let somebody beat you twice. This game is the most important game of the season. This game right here versus Fordham. That is the most important game of the season and we need to approach it like that and I want to see those guys play a nameless faceless opponent every time. This game is a little different. Formations are a little different. But it is about us. We need to get ready to play Husker football Blackshirt defense. That is it.”

Nebraska is set to play Fordham this Saturday, Sept. 4 at 11 a.m.