Hungry Games

It’s time for a little friendly competition on US92


Austen and BC Cheesy have created the US92 Hungry Games.  Dean’s Market in Elgin is joining in the fun!

Each day this week, the US 92 on-air staff will challenge a member of the sales staff to a food eating competition to finally answer the question – who REALLY runs things around here.



Here’s the breakdown of contestants:

  • Monday – Austen vs. By Cheesy: Devilled Eggs eating contest
  • Tuesday – Angie vs. Bad Bridget: Pickle eating contest
  • Wednesday – Andrew vs. Miss Bojangles:  Milk drinking contest
  • Thursday – Kristi vs. Mama Cath: Hot tamale eating contest
  • Friday – Hot Dog Haylie’s Hot Dog Challenge

Follow along all week long, thanks to our friends at Dean’s Market in Elgin!