Heart Healthy Dining


Faith Regional’s Cardiovascular Institute has teamed up with local restaurants to promote heart healthy menu options along with heart healthy tips when dining out.

These restaurants have inserts in their menus or posters by the register, indicating what options you have. So don’t be afraid to eat out, because Faith Regional’s Cardiovascular Institute has taken the guesswork out, making it very possible to eat healthy while dining out with family and friends.

Ask these restaurants for the CVI Approved Heart Healthy Menu:


Corner 1st St. & Norfolk Ave. Norfolk

Prenger’s CVI Approved Menu


Lower level of Faith Regional Health Services

Terrace View Cafe’s CVI Approved Menu

507 W. Benjamin & 701 S. 13th in Norfolk

Burger King CVI Approved Menu


1226 Riverside Blvd in Norfolk

Sakura CVI Approved Menu


120 E. Norfolk Ave & 2107 Taylor Ave in Norfolk

HyVee CVI Approved Menu


1201 S. 13th St in Norfolk

Bailey’s Bistro CVI Approved Menu


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