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Old Dominion‘s second album, Happy Endings, arrives in stores next month. The debut single, “No Such Thing As A Broken Heart,” is climbing the charts now, but it was another song on the album that inspired the title as lead singer Matthew Ramsey tells us:

“We were listening to one of the songs on the album, it’s called ‘So You Go,’ and there’s a little bit of a question mark at the end of that song as to whether or not it is a happy ending, and that’s how the conversation came up. We were listening to the music and we were talking about that song, and somebody said, ‘It had a happy ending,’ and somebody else said, ‘I don’t really know if it’s a happy ending or not.’ And we just kind of went back and forth, and somebody said something like, ‘Happy Endings would be a great album title’.”

Happy Endings arrives in stores on August 25th.


Jason Aldean has added Luke Combs as direct support for his upcoming hometown show in Macon, GA. His second Concert For The Kids will take place on Friday, August 11th at the Macon Coliseum. Jason has also teamed with a local radio station to choose the area’s best emerging talent to serve as the night’s opening artist for the one-night-only show.

After raising more than half a million dollars for the cause last year, all proceeds will once again benefit the Children’s Hospital, which serves as Bibb County’s only dedicated pediatric facility in central Georgia that enhances the lives of children through patient care, research and education.

Just as with his live shows, Kenny Chesney hopes his music provides an escape for his fans. While Kenny says his music doesn’t have that affect on him, he’s a fan of other artists who do provide that much-needed break from reality.

“You can get lost in music. I have for years. I get lost in my heroes’ music. The songwriters, the singer songwriters that wrote their own songs, and goes out and takes an audience and moves them in certain ways. Those are people that I’m drawn to, and I’ve gotten lost in their music a lot. That can happen before you even know it. All of sudden, you’re hooked, you’re addicted. If you’re going to be addicted to something songs and music is a great thing to be addicted to. But if you’re going to be drawn into something and not know it, music is the best thing (laughs) in my opinion, it really is.”

Kenny is making his way up the charts with “All The Pretty Girls,” the latest single from his Cosmic Hallelujah album.

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