Caged for a Cause’17

Everyone deserves a loving home, even the animals of Northeast Nebraska and that is why News Channel Nebraska 94.7 is going to be “Caged for a Cause” on Thursday, May 11th!  In cooperation with the Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska, News Channel Nebraska’s Steve Stryker and Dylan Ryder are going to “kennel up” to raise money to help  rescue the animals in our community! Because of your donations, these animals will have a warm bed, full bellies, and snuggles that make them finally feel the love they have so desperately deserved.

Should they sit or fetch?  Donate to the NCN Air Buds and you could keep Steve and Dylan out of the kennel, donate a little more and make them STAY!  Click here to donate to the 2017 Caged for a Cause event! 

For more information about Caged for a Cause and the Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska click here!