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The buzz is all about B103, KBIE-FM. Here’s just some of the benefits to your business and to our community:

1. In-studio live announcers reporting and reacting to actual area events when and where they happen. Not a satellite feed from the coast. We’re all over the news and weather. Consumers know that B103 is their resource for updates.

2. Award-winning news team covering Southeast Nebraska, Southwest Iowa and Northwest Missouri in the News Channel Nebraska Newsroom. We provide the best news coverage in the area.

3. Continuous Country played throughout the day and a maximum commercial load of 12 minutes per hour. Consumers know that more music, news and weather will quickly follow the commercial break, so they are less likely to turn away. Other stations carry as many as 16 minutes worth of commercials per hour. With fewer commercials running each hour, you don’t need to buy as many commercials to be effective.

4. If there is community event, B103 knows about it, tells our listeners, and shows up, too! From county fairs to street dances and chili feeds, you won’t find a station that is more visible in the area.

5. Family orientated station. Mom and Dad love to listen and it’s OK if the kids are in the car!

6. B103 knows how to do things BIG. From on-air contests to promotional items, large market radio ideas have been implemented in Nebraska City, raising the expectations and the response of all listeners.

7. Production capabilities. B103 has a complete, state-of-the-art digital editing system so commercials are professionally produced.

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