2018 Christmas Wishes

Each year there is someone or some family that deserves a little extra holiday cheer, maybe because they helped you in some way, or maybe because they have fallen into misfortune.  That is why US92 and the Fraternal Order of Police have the Christmas Wish Program… Together with Midwest Bank, US92 and the Fraternal Order of Police are going to spread the holiday cheer this year but we need your help!  Please send us your Christmas Wish Letters as soon as you can!

Please include why the person you are writing about deserves a Christmas Wish and what you feel they need… PLEASE be specific if there are kids involved as we will need to know ages, sizes and grades to help meet the wish needs!  We will also need the Name, Phone Number and Address of both YOURSELF and the person or family that you are writing about!  Please send your Christmas Wish Letters US92 no later than December 14th by:

Email:  [email protected]    (preferred) 

Fax: 402-371-0050

Mail: 214 N. 7th Street Norfolk, Ne 68701

Midwest Bank, US92 and the Fraternal Order of Police want to grant as many wishes a possible, so send in your Christmas Wish Letters today!

Want to DONATE or GRANT a  CHRISTMAS WISH?   Email [email protected] for more information!

Many letters will be received therefore not all wishes will be granted!