New app launching amplifies power to find missing persons

A new tool is coming out that may have the power to bring missing loved ones home. 

The app, “DeEye“, is launching Tuesday on National Missing Children’s Day.

CCO of the app, Bill Dohse, says it will be another tool in the toolbox for families and law enforcement.

“I’d describe it as bridging the gap between agencies, families, and the missing people really,” said Dohse.

Dohse said the app plays to the urgency of a missing person’s case.

“What’s it’s going to do is allow families and these agencies to put information out and communicate instantaneously,” Dohse said. “Which we all know time is of the essence. In the first 12-to-24 hours, we really need to get some work done.”

“DeEye” gets verified information shared quickly no its live feed. Plus, there’s a proximity alert to see notifications on persons and crimes within your community.

“The app is going to have facial recognition features, as well as age progressing features,” said Dohse. “So it’s just a huge database that’s really going to filter out…the ‘wishy-washy’ type social media things.”

Dohse is also working with Nebraska families, including the Chance Englebert family and Chris Loupin family in their missing person cases.