Salvation Army Bell Ringing in Custer County

CUSTER COUNTY—Give the gift of your time to help others this holiday season by ringing bells for the Salvation Army! Red kettles can be spotted throughout Custer County and anyone can volunteer to ring bells now through Tuesday, December 24.


Salvation Army representative Carol Allen said local bell ringing began in the area in 2002 and raised about $600. More than $12,000 was raised in 2017. The Salvation Army of Custer County aims to once again raise money to support local projects.

“We use the money to help people in the community, which is always our goal,” Carol Allen said. “We need volunteers to help ring those bells so that we can help others.”

Ninety percent of funds raised in local red kettles stay in Custer County. There will be bell ringing stations at Gary’s Superfoods, Grocery Kart, Orscheln Farm & Home, and the Tumbleweed Café in Broken Bow. There will also be counter kettles in Ansley, Arnold, Broken Bow, Callaway, Merna, and Sargent.

“We’d like to thank those people for being willing to let us ring because that really helps. We’re also going to start early this year! We started November 11 and we’ll go until the 24th of December,” Julie Toline said.

Volunteers can sign up online (click here to view the link) for two-hour shifts any day of the week except Sundays. Allen and Toline welcome volunteers to sign up as individuals, families, businesses, church groups, or organizations. Children are welcome to ring too! They encourage people to have fun with their shift by singing, playing music, wearing Santa hats, etc. as desired.

The Salvation Army of Custer County uses red kettle donations throughout the year to help with a wide variety of projects: Back-to-School Book Bag program, Santa Cop, swim lessons, food pantries, Prairie Pioneer Center senior meals, youth activities, Diaper Depot, weekend backpack programs, college textbooks for area foster students, book fairs, year-round support for individuals needing assistance with vision, dental, and prescription services. Funds are also designated to help emergency victims of vehicle breakdowns of people traveling through town, fires, floods, and other disasters.

To register for Salvation Army Bell Ringing, call
Cheryl Smith: 308-872-0044
Carol Allen: 308-870-4397
Julie Toline: 402-677-9323


Use link on Facebook page:
Salvation Army – Custer County