Public Forums To Be Held Regarding Possible Restroom In The Broken Bow City Square

Public Forums To Be Held Regarding Possible Restroom In The Broken Bow City Square
Broken Bow city square

BROKEN BOW— Talk of placing a public bathroom in the Broken Bow City Square has been an ongoing discussion for a few months through the Broken Bow Park Board and the City Council.

Results of a survey showed a positive response in favor of the project, but many of the comments in those responses asked for the restrooms to be clean and the building to not diminish the beauty of the square.

In a previous Park Board meeting Chairperson Paul Holland said the potential restroom would be a unisex and ADA accessible facility. During the August 14 City Council meeting,  Parks Superintendent Darren Marten brought up the question of whether or not things like the potential restroom, picnic shelters, and future sidewalks need to be engineered and asked ‘where should the city draw the line?’

Councilman Chris Myers felt the city staff could build the restroom without the engineering and Councilman Jacob Holcomb expressed concern of how it would change the appearance of the square along with the potential smell and continued maintenance. The estimated cost of the project remains between $14,000 and $17,000.

Holland also noted that the board would like to continue to hear from the public before going forward with the project.

Public forum dates have been set for the public to express their support or concern of the project on Monday, September 9 and Monday, October 7 at 5:10 PM in the Municipal Auditorium.

Estimated blueprint plans of the restroom can be found below:

Estimated Bathroom Blueprint (Side)
Estimated Bathroom Blueprint (Above)