Halloween Safety Tips to Have on Hand

CUSTER COUNTY—Tricks and treats, ghosts and ghouls will all work together to make for some spooky festivities this Halloween. Various Halloween parties and Trunk or Treat events are taking place all over town and local law enforcement has some reminders on how to stay safe this All Hallows Eve.

Custer County Sheriff Dan Osmond reminds parents, guardians, and children to always communicate about where they plan to go for trick or treating. He says to stay in well-lit areas, figure out a safe route, and to avoid having props/accessories and costumes that could cause trick-or-treaters to trip and fall.

“I think the biggest thing when it comes to the children going around trick or treating you want to start with their costumes—you know, make sure the costumes fit, they’re not baggy where they would trip on them or something like that. If they’re wearing a mask make sure they can see out of it,” Sheriff Osmond said.

Sheriff Osmond, whose favorite Halloween candy is peanut M&Ms, also reminds families to thoroughly go through the loot bags to make sure candy is safe and unopened.

With cooler weather in the forecast, many trick-or-treaters may be driving from house to house and Sheriff Osmond encourages drivers to be especially vigilant on Thursday and to always wear seatbelts.

“Seatbelts save a lot of lives. If you’re not wearing it, you’re just putting yourself at a really big risk,” Sheriff Osmond said.

Air Force veteran Edith Runyan Deuel with local chapters of the American Legion and Disabled American Veterans also shared some Halloween safety tips with KCNI/KBBN.

“One of the things in the past the American Legion has been big on is safety at Halloween time,” Deuel said.

Below are some of Deuel’s safety reminders:

*Never trick or treat alone and walk in a group with a trusted adult
*Stay on the sidewalk or walk on the far side of the road, facing traffic
*Avoid costumes/shoes that could cause tripping
*Avoid masks that could obstruct vision
*Wear reflective tape on costumes
*Carry flashlight with fresh batteries
*Wear makeup/face paint instead of masks to help with vision issues
*Check candy for tampering
*Avoid eating homemade treats made by strangers
*Go to homes that are well lit
*Don’t accept rides from strangers
*Wear flame-retardant costumes
*Keep pets away from children who are visiting houses to trick or treat