DYO Moving Forward with Youth Softball and Baseball Programs

On May 11th, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts announced that youth softball and baseball programs could begin in June. Since that announcement, the Diamond Youth Organization has been working hard to organize and move forward with youth baseball and softball in Custer County. DYO board members Jeff Denson and Ryan Coleman joined the breakfast show Tuesday morning to discuss the status of the youth programs. Both expressed how excited they were when the Governor announced that baseball and softball programs could resume in June. The governor’s announcement also came with several guidelines to follow during the COVID-19 pandemic. Denson and Coleman said that the social distancing guidelines has presented one of the biggest challenges especially as it pertains to players on the field.  It was the feeling of the board that the social distancing guidelines on the field would be too difficult to follow with the younger age groups.  Therefore, the decision was made by the board to not have tee ball and coach pitch for ages 5-6 and 7-8 but all other age groups beginning with the 10 & under teams will be able to have a season.

Denson and Coleman also stated that scheduling for Legion baseball and Spirit Softball has been a bit of a scramble but has been going well.  Denson stated that they hope to play their first legion game on June 19th.

In order to stay up to date with information from the Diamond Youth Organization, Coleman encourages people to check out their facebook page. To listen to our full conversation with Jeff Denson and Ryan Coleman, you can check out the May 19th Breakfast show video on our facebook page. The interview begins at approxiamately 1:42.35