D4 District Wrestling Results – Mullen Team Champion

The Mullen Broncos qualified 10 wrestlers for the state tournament and claimed the team title at the D4 district meet over the weekend.
Mullen state qualifiers include : Tristin Grooms – 106 ; Teven Marshall – 113 ; Brady Gracey – 132 ; Jade Lovitt – 138 ; Zach Sweet – 145 ; Josh Cox – 160 ; Riley Kessler – 170 ; Kendal Neal – 182 ; Ty Kvanvig – 195 ; Clayton Hassett – 220

Sandhills/Thedford qualified 3 wrestlers for the state tournament. Reece Zutavern – 152 ; Bryan Zutavern – 160 ; and Reed McFadden – 170

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Samuel Foster of Sutherland
2nd Place – Tristin Grooms of Mullen
3rd Place – Landon Klasna of North Platte St. Patrick`s
4th Place – Dutch Yates of Garden County
1st Place Match
Samuel Foster (Sutherland) 47-0, Fr. over Tristin Grooms (Mullen) 25-10, Fr. (Fall 1:24)
3rd Place Match
Landon Klasna (North Platte St. Patrick`s) 27-15, So. over Dutch Yates (Garden County) 22-16, Fr. (Fall 0:23)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Teven Marshall of Mullen
2nd Place – Nathaniel Murillo of Morrill
3rd Place – Jon Peterka of Sutherland
4th Place – Austin Anderson of Hay Springs
1st Place Match
Teven Marshall (Mullen) 37-2, Jr. over Nathaniel Murillo (Morrill) 31-4, Jr. (MD 10-2)
3rd Place Match
Jon Peterka (Sutherland) 36-12, Fr. over Austin Anderson (Hay Springs) 16-15, Sr. (MD 13-5)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jeremy Larson of Brady
2nd Place – Brenden Warman of Dundy County Stratton
3rd Place – Tyler Nagel of Morrill
4th Place – Jacob Dalbey of Bayard
1st Place Match
Jeremy Larson (Brady) 43-4, So. over Brenden Warman (Dundy County Stratton) 41-5, Sr. (MD 11-2)
3rd Place Match
Tyler Nagel (Morrill) 35-9, So. over Jacob Dalbey (Bayard) 26-16, Sr. (Fall 2:45)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Joel Priest of Hitchcock County
2nd Place – Garrett Latimer of Southwest
3rd Place – Jacob Gholson of Maxwell
4th Place – Hunter Deeds of North Platte St. Patrick`s
1st Place Match
Joel Priest (Hitchcock County) 31-8, So. over Garrett Latimer (Southwest) 32-9, So. (Fall 5:46)
3rd Place Match
Jacob Gholson (Maxwell) 34-20, Jr. over Hunter Deeds (North Platte St. Patrick`s) 29-11, So. (Dec 8-6)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Brady Gracey of Mullen
2nd Place – Seth Hare of Hitchcock County
3rd Place – Dennis Vogl of Crawford
4th Place – Jacob Lantis of Sutherland
1st Place Match
Brady Gracey (Mullen) 31-2, Sr. over Seth Hare (Hitchcock County) 30-13, Jr. (Fall 1:22)
3rd Place Match
Dennis Vogl (Crawford) 30-9, Jr. over Jacob Lantis (Sutherland) 40-11, Sr. (Fall 1:43)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jade Lovitt of Mullen
2nd Place – Brett Tryon of Southwest
3rd Place – Jaden Henderson of Medicine Valley
4th Place – Drake Yates of Garden County
1st Place Match
Jade Lovitt (Mullen) 32-2, Sr. over Brett Tryon (Southwest) 30-13, So. (Dec 3-0)
3rd Place Match
Jaden Henderson (Medicine Valley) 31-14, So. over Drake Yates (Garden County) 7-7, Sr. (Fall 3:54)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Brett Riggs of Maxwell
2nd Place – Colton Holthus of Garden County
3rd Place – Kaden Guerrero of Southwest
4th Place – Zachary Sweet of Mullen
1st Place Match
Brett Riggs (Maxwell) 48-0, Sr. over Colton Holthus (Garden County) 37-5, So. (Fall 3:01)
3rd Place Match
Kaden Guerrero (Southwest) 30-4, Sr. over Zachary Sweet (Mullen) 35-13, Sr. (Fall 1:20)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Austin Garcia of Morrill
2nd Place – William White of Sutherland
3rd Place – Reece Zutavern of Sandhills/Thedford
4th Place – Dalton Whisenhunt of Maxwell
1st Place Match
Austin Garcia (Morrill) 36-2, Sr. over William White (Sutherland) 46-2, Sr. (Dec 2-1)
3rd Place Match
Reece Zutavern (Sandhills/Thedford) 32-9, Fr. over Dalton Whisenhunt (Maxwell) 31-16, So. (Fall 4:00)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Seth Simants of Stapleton
2nd Place – Derek Gibson of Maxwell
3rd Place – Josh Cox of Mullen
4th Place – Bryan Zutavern of Sandhills/Thedford
1st Place Match
Seth Simants (Stapleton) 40-2, Sr. over Derek Gibson (Maxwell) 40-9, Jr. (Fall 2:46)
3rd Place Match
Josh Cox (Mullen) 35-13, Sr. over Bryan Zutavern (Sandhills/Thedford) 28-14, Jr. (Dec 6-2)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Talan McGill of North Platte St. Patrick`s
2nd Place – Riley Kessler of Mullen
3rd Place – Dylan Davis-Mack of Medicine Valley
4th Place – Reed McFadden of Sandhills/Thedford
1st Place Match
Talan McGill (North Platte St. Patrick`s) 37-7, Jr. over Riley Kessler (Mullen) 30-14, Jr. (Dec 8-4)
3rd Place Match
Dylan Davis-Mack (Medicine Valley) 27-9, Sr. over Reed McFadden (Sandhills/Thedford) 20-21, So. (Fall 1:47)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Bryce Running Hawk of Hay Springs
2nd Place – Kendal Neal of Mullen
3rd Place – Justin Schroll of North Platte St. Patrick`s
4th Place – Tyler Wolfe of Maxwell
1st Place Match
Bryce Running Hawk (Hay Springs) 22-3, Jr. over Kendal Neal (Mullen) 24-16, Jr. (Fall 1:31)
3rd Place Match
Justin Schroll (North Platte St. Patrick`s) 22-22, Fr. over Tyler Wolfe (Maxwell) 34-16, Jr. (Fall 2:13)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Karsen Hunter of Bayard
2nd Place – Austin Wolfe of Medicine Valley
3rd Place – Zane Musgrave of Hyannis
4th Place – Ty Kvanvig of Mullen
1st Place Match
Karsen Hunter (Bayard) 30-5, Sr. over Austin Wolfe (Medicine Valley) 31-6, Sr. (Fall 0:44)
3rd Place Match
Zane Musgrave (Hyannis) 31-8, Sr. over Ty Kvanvig (Mullen) 6-3, Jr. (Fall 2:48)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Clayton Hassett of Mullen
2nd Place – Remington Hodges of Hitchcock County
3rd Place – Luke Howitt of Maxwell
4th Place – Delton Haines of Dundy County Stratton
1st Place Match
Clayton Hassett (Mullen) 43-5, Jr. over Remington Hodges (Hitchcock County) 32-12, Jr. (MD 10-2)
3rd Place Match
Luke Howitt (Maxwell) 34-14, So. over Delton Haines (Dundy County Stratton) 26-13, So. (Fall 1:26)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Logan Kircher of Southwest
2nd Place – Chris Sciortino of Garden County
3rd Place – Gage Petersen of Hitchcock County
4th Place – Bryson Shoemaker of Southwest
1st Place Match
Logan Kircher (Southwest) 27-9, Sr. over Chris Sciortino (Garden County) 35-8, Sr. (Fall 1:25)
3rd Place Match
Gage Petersen (Hitchcock County) 14-14, Jr. over Bryson Shoemaker (Southwest) 20-16, So. (Fall 2:05)