Custer County Foundation Makes Huge Impact in 2019

CUSTER COUNTY–Hundreds of thousands of dollars were distributed in 2019 by the Custer County Foundation (CCF) to local students, flood victims, and charitable organizations.

Looking back on the year, Custer County Foundation Executive Director Lindsay R. Divan told KCNI/KBBN that she feels lucky to work with a board of directors who truly want the best for their community.

“The board of directors does a great job directing the funds and they’re a great group to work with and they really care about the county and giving back and making sure that those dollars are being used to the best of their ability,” Divan said.

2019 Scholarships:
CCF awarded $88,850 in scholarships to 69 Custer County students

2019 Flood Assistance:
$145,700 awarded in flood assistance to 148 households in Custer County.
CCF provided an $11,000 grant to the fund to cover administrative fees and to fund grant requests when the flood fund was depleted.

“It amazes me to see the board react the way they do. With the flood for instance that happened and no one was prepared, honestly, and to have the foundation just jump in there and give people an outlet and a way to help was really amazing for me to see how we responded when our county really really needed us,” Divan said.

Lindsay Divan also added that is was amazing to see the generous response of people who donated to the flood assistance fund and were willing to help however possible.

2019 Spring Grants:
CCF awarded $43,300 in grants to 12 Custer County organizations.

2019 Fall Grants:
CCF awarded $62,200 in grants to 13 Custer County organizations and one non-traditional student.

2019 Gala: Around $140,000 raised and announcement of a donation from the Yanagida family. Roy Yanagida and his family made a $200,000 donation and is challenging the Board of Directors to raise another $100,000 in which Roy and his family will match. This challenge match could potentially raise $400,000 or more.

Divan added that the Custer County Foundation administers over 45 pass through funds, 92 scholarships, in addition to donor advised funds, field of interest funds, and endowments. Through these funds over $285,000 was distributed in 2019.

When asked what it is like to be in a position which benefits so many local individuals and organizations, Divan said she feels lucky to be be able to help so many people.

“It makes me feel great, honestly. I’m very lucky in the job that I have because we do get to help so many people and do such great things for Custer County and really make a positive impact,” Divan said.