Custer County 2020 Primary Election Official Results; Voting Numbers Double From 2018 Primary

The canvassing board has completed their checks of Custer County’s ballot numbers and have released the official results for the 2020 Primary Election.

During a time where polling places saw the number of voters down drastically, the overall total number of ballots beyond doubled from the last Primary Election in 2018.

For the 2018 Primary Election, there were 7,873 registered voters with only 1,797 casting votes. For the 2020 Primary Election, the total number of registered voters was down slightly to 7,816 while 3,178 cast their votes.

While it is common for the Primary Election ballot numbers to be drastically lower compared to the General Election in November, voters took advantage of mail-in ballots during the pandemic in a big way. According to Custer County Election Commissioner Connie Gracey, 2,758 early voting ballots were sent out to Custer County residents with 87% of those being returned.

Official Results (LOCAL bolded names will move onto the General Election in November)

Republican President 
Donald J. Trump 2,451
Bill Weld 111
Write-In Totals 15

Republican US Senator
Ben Sasse 1,711
Matt Innis 923
Write-In Totals 5

Republican District 3 Congress
Adrian Smith 2,166
Arron Kowalski 145
Justin Moran 107
William Elfgren 102
Larry Lee Scott Bolinger 41
Write-In Totals 9

Custer County Board of Supervisors District 4 (Republican)
Dwain K. Bryner 190
Jeff Wardyn 160
Blaine Gibbons 108
Write-In Totals 0

Custer County Board of Supervisors District 6 (Republican)
Lynn Longmore 233
Matthew W. Eggleston 108
Donnis J. Hueftle-Bullock 48

Democratic President
Joe Biden 329
Bernie Sanders 28
Tulsi Gabbard 28
Elizabeth Warren 27
Write-In Totals 23

Democratic US Senator
Chris Janicek 135
Angie Philips 80
Andy Stock 53
Alisha Shelton 48
Larry Marvin 41
Dennis Frank Macek 17
Daniel M. Wik 14
Write-In Totals 6

Democratic District 3 Congress
Mark Elworth Jr. 366
Write-In Totals 8

Libertarian President
Max Abramson 3
Dan Behrman 2
Lincoln Chafee 1
Jo Jorgensen 1
Adam Kokesh 1
Jacob Hornberger 0
Write-In Totals 3

Libertarian US Senator
Gene Siadek 9
Write-In Totals 1

Libertarian District 3 Congress
Dustin C. Hobbs 9
Write-In Totals 1

Anselmo-Merna School Board
Michelle Miller 259
Ben Cooksley 242
Sandy Priest 177
Tom Griffith 131
Courtney Marsh 114
Brandon Miller 111
Jeff Baker 36
Write-In Totals 2

SEM School Board
Jennifer L. Anderson 10
Kirby D. Burden 8
Brock Elsen 8
Rachel Hrasky 7
Jana Hoos 6
Rachel Schroeder 3
Timothy Schroeder 1
Todd Ibach 1
Write-In Totals 0

Arnold Hospital
John R. Phillips 256 (Elected To Board)
Heather Furne 251 (Elected To Board)
Write-In Totals 5

Callaway Hospital
Greg Johnson 410 (Elected To Board)
Zach Meyer 394 (Elected To Board)
Jim Jenkins 327 (Elected To Board)
Write-In Totals 9

Gothenburg Hospital
Helen Cool 33 (Elected To Board)
Monty L. Bowman 26 (Elected To Board)
Mike Bacon 21 (Elected To Board)
Write-In Totals 4

Village of Callaway Lottery
FOR the lottery 139 (Measure Passes)
AGAINST the lottery 44