City of Plattsmouth honors longtime councilman

PLATTSMOUTH – Spending every other Monday night at city hall serving as an elected council representative isn’t for everybody.

But for John “Blackie” Porter of Plattsmouth, representing Ward 4 on the council was an important commitment he made for 34-consecutive years.

In 2018, however, Blackie decided not to run for reelection.

“It was just time to get off the council.”

Blackie sat on the council for his last official meeting Monday and was honored by Mayor Paul Lambert, council members and city officials for serving from 1980 to 1994 and again from 1998 through another four terms.

Lambert said when he was first elected to the council, Blackie, the reigning president at the time, took him “under his wing” and taught him about all the aspects of serving on city council.

“He did a tremendous amount of work with me. Anybody who has gone through this process knows how important that is.”

In Blackie’s honor, the mayor and council passed a resolution expressing their appreciation for Blackie’s commitment to the council, noting that he “faithfully executed his fiduciary duties on behalf of Plattsmouth’s citizens.”

As a council representative, Blackie helped oversee many improvements in the town including the creation of Rhylander Park, establishment of the Senior Citizen Nutrition Center, construction of the new Plattsmouth Community Center, co-location of the Plattsmouth Police Department with Cass County Sheriff’s Office in the new Law Enforcement Center, installation of Twin Rivers Water Park and the revitalization of the historic downtown area.

Blackie said he didn’t know what his favorite aspect of serving on the council could be, but his advice to new members would be to “use common sense” at all times.

Now that he is no longer required to be at the council’s Monday meetings, Blackie has a new plan for spending his time.

“I will use it to be with my family.”

Following the opening of the meeting and discussion over unfinished business, City Administrator Erv Portis swore in re-elected council members Jeanie Brookhouser, Sean Minahan, Paul Lambert and newly elected Ward 4 Councilman Morgan Muller.

When the new council convened in regular session, members also approved the mayor’s nominations for appointed officials including Portis as city administrator, Welch Law Firm as the city’s legal representation, Sandra Meyer as city clerk, Roger Davis as city treasurer, Steve Perry as city engineer, Kevin Larson as city inspector/zoning administrator, Mike Wilson as fire chief, Mike Wood as Emergency Medical Services director, Karen Mier as library director and Michael Lennen as recreation director.