Cat fight leaves one brother battered and the other under arrest but the cats unharmed

This really was a cat fight.

Sort of.

Except cats were the subject of the fight, not the participants.

And it wasn’t much of a fight.

A Lincoln police report indicates that one brother became enraged with another Wednesday morning and said he intended to move out. Then the subject of cat ownership came up. Joint custody apparently was unlikely.

The first brother, 39, punched the second a few times.

Then he smacked him with a lamp. And another lamp. And some wood.

The police showed up.

The aggressive brother tried to barricade the door, the report said.

The police broke in and arrested the older brother on suspicion of second-degree assault.

They documented the wounds of the 35-year-old younger brother: bloody nose, bloody mouth, scratches, bruises and redness here and there.

There was an old wound, too, that conceivably could have been from a cat. But it wasn’t.

The older brother, it appeared, had bitten the other on the arm.

World-Herald librarian Sheritha Jones contributed to this report.