Bryan Health Opens Drive Thru Clinic

LINCOLN – Bryan Health has started offering drive thru testing.

Testing is being offered at the Bryan Health’s LifePoint Campus at 7501 S 27th St. by appointment only for those who have already been pre-screened by a physician.

“We can accommodate roughly around 60 patients a day,” Bryan’s Director of Quality and Patient Safety, Angela Herbert explained. “We’ve got them scheduled into hour slots so that we can try to manage the volume and not have extensive waiting times.”

The drive thru process has three steps, first testing for the flu. If negative a second on-site test is run for respiratory pathogens. Lastly, the patient is sent home to self-isolate until test results come back.

“If the respiratory pathogen panel is positive then you’re referred to your primary care physician for further consideration of your symptoms and if any treatment is necessary. If it is negative, then it is sent on for COVID testing,” Herbert added.

Herbert said this process helps conserve COVID-19 testing materials for when the likelihood of a positive test is high.

The drive thru will be open from 2 to 6 PM everyday of the week moving forward until further notice.