Wymore Rural Water customers have service back

BEATRICE – Water service in the Wymore Rural Water Project is back on. Lower Big Blue Natural Resources District officials said a large water loss in the system was experienced, Saturday night. NRD Manager Dave Clabaugh said a remote sensor on the district’s water tower indicated the tower was mostly drained in about an hour-and-a-half….by six p.m. NRD officials investigated calls from customers reporting low or no water pressure.

Clabaugh says it took an evening and early Sunday morning to find the leak in a major transmission line.
"It got dark. We had not found it yet and we called off the search until the next morning. We found it right away at about six-thirty or seven in the morning. The leak was about two miles south of our water tower on an eight inch line that I would say serves the southern half or our system in the Liberty area...and then west toward Odell."

Clabaugh says the break in the pipe was a bit unusual.  "We found a crack in the pipe about twenty feet long, which is unusual. That does not happen usually...its just a pull-apart or something like that. But, we had to excavate a lot bigger area and were able to get a replacement pipe in there."

Water service was restored at around 3:30 p.m., Sunday. Clabaugh says the leak initially affected most all customers in the district, but once the area of the break was found and isolated….some customers began getting their water back.

"About seven in the morning after we found where the leak was, we were able to isolate that line and shut it off....and begin serving water to the rest of the customers through the water tower. We could pump to the tower, and then it could flow out to basically users in the north...and probably some to the east."

Officials were able to re-fill the water tower prior to completion of repairs on the line break, which happened in what’s described as a rocky area.
The NRD says users on the system should boil their drinking water until test samples pass state requirements.  The NRD plans to notify system users when the boil order is lifted.

The Wymore Rural Water District serves about 250 customers with about 150 miles of pipeline.