WSC, UNK football to compete after ten years

WAYNE, Neb. - An in-state rivalry coming back for the first time in over a decade.

The University of Nebraska Kearney is set to play Wayne State College in a football scrimmage Saturday. 

"There are three Division II schools in the state of Nebraska and obviously you want to have the bragging rights," said UNK head football coach Josh Lynn.

The match-up, dating back to 1924, was cut short in 2011 due to the teams' conferences not allowing non-conference games on the schedule.

"It was sold out," said WSC head football coach John McMenamin. "It was packed. It was just a heck of an atmosphere and that's why you play college football."

Although the players have never experienced the in-state match-up, they are itching to compete.

"It's going to be a lot of fun for our guys," said WSC Junior Alex Thramer. "We haven't played an actual football game in like a year and a half."

The coaches say both teams are excited even though it's not an official game.

"It's just a scrimmage but a lot of young men on both sides of the ball know each other," Lynn said. "It'll be a good environment and those competitive juices will start flowing."

The live practice and scrimmage are on April 17 at the Wayne Memorial Stadium. The two teams will face each other in a controlled scrimmage from 2:45 p.m. until around 4 p.m. Gates will open at 1 p.m.