Wrapping up July 4th with some safety precautions

NORFOLK, Neb.--The fourth of July weekend has already come and gone, but it wasn't before tons of fireworks all over Nebraska were bought and set off to celebrate our independence but that doesn't come without a cost.

Early this morning, the Norfolk fire department was called for a minor fire outside of a home, and they said it was due to not properly disposing of fireworks.

While some people might think fireworks are not dangerous after being used, there are tons of calls each year where fires start because of not disposing of them correctly.

The fire department wants people to know the proper way to dispose of recently used fireworks is to let fireworks cool for 20 minutes, place the fireworks in a cool bucket of water for 15 minutes, and disregard fireworks in a plastic bag and throw them away.

While safety is the number one priority when dealing with fireworks, businesses that sell fireworks, spent Monday wrapping things up after another successful fourth of July.

Kathy Sanders, who runs "Fly By Night" Firework Company with her husband, told News Channel Nebraska, the company was busy from day one.

"It was pretty much nonstop. I mean we had some slow periods but otherwise, it trickled in. We always had somebody in the tent." Sanders said.

Sanders was also grateful so many came out to celebrate our independence on the weekend.