Woman finds cremated remains, reunites them with family

RANDOLPH, Neb. -- What would you do if you were cleaning your house and you found a cardboard box labeled as someone's cremated remains?

For one woman in Randolph, she turned to Facebook. Maggie Hainey is in the process of moving in. She was going through a shelf in the house, in the middle of the night Wednesday, when she found a box labeled as cremated remains.

At first, it scared her; then left her flustered. 

"I was like oh! Ok...I didn't know their story or anything [...] I didn't want to set it out on the curb. I mean seriously," she said. 

She posted on a Norfolk group on Facebook asking help to find the family. 

At first, she got some strange messages. "I had one guy asking if he could take her off my hands -- no relation, I was scared to ask why," she said. 

But within 24 hours, a family member reached out with the contact for that woman's son. Maggie messaged him, and now they are working out a time and place to meet. 

She said she can only hope the deceased woman will now find peace.