‘We learned a lot from a faculty perspective’: Remote learning taught educators how to better in person classes

BEATRICE - With the 2021 school year underway, learning institutions are welcoming students and teachers back to campus.

Southeast Community College Dean of Students for the Beatrice campus Toni Landenberger said educators have learned how to better in person learning as a result of more than a year remote.

“I think we have learned a lot from a faculty perspective and students as well,” Landenberger said.

One of the biggest takeaways for teachers was their engagement with technology. With nearly all classes involving technology in the form of zoom or another platform, it became a natural learning experience for teachers.

“There were some great benefits in that it really helped some instructors learn how to use different types of technology they may not have learned before,” Landenberger said. “They learned something they otherwise may not have had the time to learn.”

While teachers can now apply what they’ve learned about various technology to the classroom, it also shows them how things such as online courses can be improved.

“It helped them to see that learning can take multiple modalities,” Landenberger said. “It doesn’t always have to be face-to-face, there are some advantages to remote instruction, like posting a lecture online, so students go review it if they wanted to, even if they were present in class.”

While students may have enjoyed the leisure that came with online classes, Landenberger said it eliminates important elements of quality learning.

“I think students may have appreciated the ability to not change out of their pajamas to go to class, but then you miss some of that interaction and engagement,” Landenberger said.

Despite a good bit of uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 Delta Variant, SCC is happy to have in person learning and encourages students to attend in person class.