Wayne street project to affect driveway access

WAYNE, Neb. - A construction project in Wayne is planning to solve some problems for the community, but it might create issues in the process.

"We call it the Pine Heights Street Project," said Wes Blecke, City Administrator. 

A block-and-a-half of the street and two major intersections are getting a makeover.

"10th and Pine Heights is a bad intersection," said Blecke. "It's been in need of repair for many years."

The $900,000 project aims to do more than just fix the roads.

"We're replacing a sewer line. We're replacing a water line, then the services to homes. As well as, there's some storm sewer issues that we are taking care of as well," said Blecke.

For the past 2-3 years, some residents faced sewage backup.

Though residents are excited about the finished product, through the complex construction process, residents won't be able to use their own driveways for 3-to-4 weeks.

"There's not real good access for those residents other than their driveways which will be out of commission," said Blecke. "They'll have to park on other streets and have to do some walking to their residence," said Blecke.

Blecke said the engineers have assured there will be access whether it be through a backyard area where they can put plywood down if it's an accessibility issue.

The project is set to start in July and be completed by October.