Wayne Community Theatre returns with outdoor performances

WAYNE, Neb. – Hundreds gathered in lawn chairs and on blankets to watch the Wayne Community Theatre’s return over the weekend.

The theatre company returned for its first post-pandemic performance on Friday and Saturday, putting on its production of Walter Boughton’s Virtue Always Triumphs or Life in the Wicked City outdoors in Wayne’s Bressler Park.

"I chose Bressler Park as our venue because of the recently updated band shell, and because we wanted a space where everyone could spread out and feel welcome and safe," said director Mollie Young. "And a melodrama, with its exaggerated acting style and comedic nature, just seems to fit outdoor venues so well." 

The performance featured a cast and crew of 20 people from various career fields, including several from the Wayne State College theatre department. The production was directed by Mollie Young.

“Our dedication to this made this a wonderful show,” said cast member Casey Daehnke. “Thank you to everyone who came. Also, thank you to everyone who covered my shifts.”

“It was a beautiful night and a fun show,” said audience member Jean Salisbury, who traveled from Lincoln to watch the play.

"Watching performances outside is one of my favorite things, because you have the sounds of the natural world behind the sounds of a theatrical one," Young said.