Wayne Chicken Show back to three-day event

WAYNE, Neb. - A weekend full of chickens in northeast Nebraska.

Wayne America's Chicken Show is clucking on for its 41st year.

After cramming everything into one day last year, organizers say the three-day event will be something everyone can enjoy.

"It's a sense of community pride," said Irene Fletchermock, Assistant Director for Wayne Area Economic Development.  "Not everyone embraces the chicken show as much as we do, but people do know that it is our community festival."

Weekend highlights include the National Cluck-Off, the World's Largest Chicken Dance, and a Cement Chicken Auction.

"They're about 50 pounds, they weigh a lot," said Abby Schademann, Wayne's Marketing, Tourism, and Events Coordinator.

The auction has been going on for 20 years, selling 24 chickens each year, which means there are about 500 chickens out there.

"You know, it's a weird thing," said Schademann.

Those chickens are the backbone of the free festival.

"All the proceeds that are raised from that will go towards funding free activities for next year's event," said Schademann.

Local artists designing the one-of-kind chicks make the funds add up.

"I think the top dollar is probably in that $400 range," said Fletchermock.

However, organizers say they are not in it for the money.

"What I get out of the chicken show is watching something crazy happen," said Schademann.

For a full list of events click HERE.

To watch the Wayne Chicken Show Parade LIVE, tune into News Channel Nebraska Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. CT!