Vehicle Day: Students learn about jobs in their community

COLUMBUS, Neb. - Over 20 vehicles participated in an annual event to help students learn about jobs in their community.

Columbus held its annual Vehicle Day at Ag Park Tuesday.

There were tractors, firetrucks, police cars, helicopters, limousines, and more, all for the over 400 first-graders to explore. 

"I think it's good to get the kids exposed to stuff like this," said Flight Medic Wade Wells. "If anything, it gives them ideas of what they want to be when they grow up."

Some kids already know what's next.

"A doctor...because my mom takes care of people and I want to take care of people."

The businesses are from all over the Columbus area.

"We like coming out here so all the kids can see what we do," said Kirs Gernstein Water Utility Crew Leader. "Working for the city not many people really know everything that entails so it's nice to let kids and people see what we do."

Although some students want to be teachers, doctors, and police officers, other kids have different dreams.

"A singer."

"An artist."

"A bounty hunter."

The event is normally held in the fall, but the pandemic pushed it back.

Despite the changes, the Workforce Coordinator Kara Asmus said she thinks it was for the better.

"Well actually this time of year is great," Asmus said. "Kids are getting a little bit tired of sitting at a desk and the teachers are glad to get them out of the classroom and get them out on the road and do some fun things."