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U.S. Hot Air Balloon Nationals crowns 2021 champion

MITCHELL, Neb. (KNEP) - A champion was crowned over the weekend at the United States Hot Air Balloon National Championships.

When the week long event wrapped up, Chase Donner claiming the national title with a score of 15,748 points.

Donner, along with second place finisher Jeremy Rubin and third place finisher Rhett Heartsill, all will move on to the World Hot Air Balloon Championships.

U.S. Hot Air Balloon National Championships Final Standings (Top Five)

1 Chase Donner 15748 points (Heading to World Championships)

2 Jeremy Rubin 15383 points (Heading to World Championships)

3 Rhett Heartsill 15293 points (Heading to World Championships)

4 Joe Zvada 14979 points

5 Branden Bloom 14678 points