UPDATE: Recount confirms one-vote margin of victory for bond issue

LAUREL, Neb. -- One vote was the difference, with a Wednesday recount confirming the results, in Tuesday night's election over a $25 million bond issue in the Laurel-Concord-Coleridge school district.

The project tentatively passed, 596-595, but the narrow margin automatically triggered a recount. County election officials had stated confidence in the accuracy of the results, which were confirmed Wednesday

The project is expected include upgrades to the elementary school and demolition of the high school, among other things. There is also room in the proposed budget currently unplanned renovations, if necessary.

For the average $100,000 home, residents can expect to pay $12 more a month for the first 7 years of the bond. 

The district's voters faced a similar election in November, when a $23 million bond issue was rejected by 50 votes.

The project is slated to begin in the spring of 2022 and should be completed by the fall of 2023.