UnitedHealthcare Bicycle Helmet & Cash Prize Giveaway

UnitedHealthcare continues its efforts to support small towns and communities across Nebraska.  

“Once again we’re having a bicycle helmet and cash prize giveaway, only this time it’ll go out to two different school districts.  Because we want to give back, we want to be part of the community, and we are part of the community employing over 500 people in Nebraska, and one of the best ways to do that is to support the schools and school children, and by giving away bicycle helmets we’re encouraging healthy activity and we want the youngsters to get involved with that as early as possible.”  Matt Milam UnitedHealthcare Executive Director

When asked about UnitedHealthcare’s presence in rural Nebraska, Matt went on to say:  "We recognize that a lot of focus is on Lincoln and Omaha, and we decided that other communities are just as important and we want to be supportive. So go register at Small Towns Matter School Entry we’ll be drawing the recipients at the end of the month (April 25th) and we’re doing it for two schools this year not just one, because frankly we enjoy doing it.”