Underage beer party busted, 40 cited for MIP

STANTON, Neb. -- Saturday night the Stanton County Sheriff's office located and busted a large underage alcohol drinking party about seven miles northwest of Stanton. 

The police say that the investigation resulted in about 40 minors being cited for minor in possession of alcohol and the three party hosts were cited for aiding and abetting the minors. 

Police say that several youth ran from the party into nearby fields, and about 10 vehicles were towed from the scene and impounded after the minors refused to listen commands to return to the residence. 

The release says a large quantity of alcoholic beverages were seized from the residence. Those who were cited ranged in age from 15 to 20 and most were identified as students at Northeast Community College.

The Sheriff's office wishes to remind everyone that underage drinking is illegal and will be strictly enforced by the Sheriff's office.