Two sets of siblings starting under new volleyball coach

STANTON, Neb. - A volleyball team in northeast Nebraska shares a sisterhood like no other.

Stanton's new head coach Rachel Kaup has two sets of siblings in her starting lineup.

"We got a lot of returning, but we also have two freshmen that are starters for me," said Kaup.

Freshman Kelby Pohlman is getting the chance at varsity and a year with her big sister Kinley.

"Her and I always grew up practicing at home together so its really exciting to be able to actually implement it in a game with her and experience, most importantly, my last year with her," said Kinley Pohlman.

While this is the first time this duo will play together, it's nothing new for Olivia and Sylvia Cunningham.

"I've always been able to play with my sister," said Sylvia, a Mustang Senior.

A history that can be seen on the court.

"It's like we can read each others minds sometimes," said Mustang Junior Olivia. "Like when I'm setting her up, it's like you don't even have to say anything and I can set you up."

Despite the handful of sisters, Kaup said the bickering stays at home.

"They're not sisters on the court and I make that clear," said Kaup.

A mentality the Cunningham's have learned about growing up. The daughters of a University of Nebraska-Kearney football alum, and the sisters of Thomas Cunningham, a senior on the Mustang football team.

"We always support each other, he's always at our games and we're always at his and he's just so fun to watch because he gets excited and he's always there for his teammates," said Sylvia. "He always treats his teammates like they're family just like we do."