Two found dead at rural home near Blue Springs

BEATRICE - Nebraska State Patrol and Gage County Sheriff's Officers have been on the scene of a rural Blue Springs home, about two miles northwest of the Gage County village.

There was a report of two people found dead at a rural home, along the north side of East Oak Road.   Beatrice Fire and Rescue and law officers were sent to the scene at about 10:18 a.m.   A Southeast Communications report described a male who had a gunshot wound.  Dispatch traffic indicated the man was outside the home and that a female was inside the home. 

Emergency traffic later described that two victims reportedly were found at the scene. 

Law officers had barricaded the road for a half mile to a mile, east and west of the residence.   Both state patrol and sheriff's vehicle were observed at the scene.  Two Nebraska State Patrol Officers serving to keep traffic away from the scene declined to comment on details of the investigation.

No other information was immediately available, including the identities of the two people found at the scene.