Two BMWs stolen, LPD makes arrest

LINCOLN, Neb. -- Officers with the Lincoln Police Department have arrested a suspect they say stole two BMWs from a west Lincoln car dealership.

Jesan Edmiston was arrested on Saturday and is facing two counts of burglary charges, possession of burglar’s tools charges and obstructing a police officer.

Just before midnight on Saturday, officers were called to Winners Circle Auto Center on West O Street on a report of suspicious activity.

LPD said the 911 caller explained that they heard glass breaking at the auto dealership lot and saw a person in dark clothing near the business.

According to police, responding officers found a window to the business broken and a man crouched down beside a vehicle on the west side of the business.

Police said as officers tried making contact with the man, identified as Edmiston, he ran from them but a short time later was taken into custody without incident.

Officers said while searching Edmiston, they found a hammer, keys, flashlights, a screwdriver and safety glasses, as well as observed him to be wearing gloves.

LPD said the owner of the dealership was contacted and said several car keys had been piled up near the window as if they were going to be taken.

Investigators reviewed video from a previous burglary at Winners Circle on Monday, June 21st.

LPD said the man seen in the video was identified as Edmiston.

The two BMWs from this case were both located in nearby neighborhoods on Tuesday, June 22. According to police, BMW was able to track one of the cars and found it parked on N Bell Street.