Twin brothers play key roles in northeast Nebraska baseball team’s success

NORFOLK, Neb. - A pair of brothers are making their mark in what could be their last season of baseball on the same team.

I like it, we've played with each other all while growing up so it's been kind of nice," said Cade Lynam, Northeast Community College sophomore. 

Cade and Colin Lynam have been playing baseball together for years. 

"To see him being successful is really fun," said Colin Lynam, Northeast Community College sophomore. 

Hawks coach Marcus Clapp says the brothers have great chemistry on the field, making them a big part of the team's success.

"They're close," Clapp said. "You know they pick on each other, as you'd expect. They live together. They're always together."

Clapp says each of them brings something different to the team. 

"Colin's a right-handed hitter and Cade's a left-handed hitter," Clapp said. "They both play outfield and right now Colin's been more consistent at the plate. I'd like to think Cade's the better outfielder."

Currently, Colin leads the conference in hitting.

"To be a vocal leader and a leader on the field is really something that has made me into the player I am today," said Colin.

As sophomores, their time at Northeast Community College is coming to a close.

"First year we redshirted," said Cade. "Second year we got our season cut short, so it's been really nice to get these games in and them preparing us for our next three or four years in college."