Town without a pool looks to go big and build a waterpark

HUMPHREY, Neb. -  A city is facing three hot summers without a pool, after Humphrey's 50 year-old pool shut down last year.

"Today my kids are begging me to run them to Creston or Columbus Pawnee Plunge," said Ashley Krings, a member of the pool committee. "It's constantly 'mom, mom, drive me there' because they can't just jump on their bike and head down to the pool and see their friends." 

But there is hope for for community members like Krings, as a new pool is coming to town.

"We have a conceptual design built right now on what the community thought was a good pool," said pool committee member Andy Reigle.

Reigle said the new project stems from a pool study the city did in 2019.

They decided it wasn't feasible to fix it, so now the new proposed pool is set to be at the Foltz Sports Complex near the former tee-ball field.

Although regal says there was some concern from the community about not having a pool for awhile.

"Really the feedback we've been hearing has been really positive," said Krings.

To fill out the community feedback survey click here.

Community members say the space where the old pool was could possibly be the new location of the Humphrey fire station.