‘Thundershirts’: Exploring new ways to keep pets calm during fireworks

NORFOLK, Neb. -Firework season is booming, which could lead to some fearful furry friends.

An animal shelter in northeast Nebraska is sharing different ways you can calm your dogs, cats, and other pets during the loud festivities this week.

Northeast Nebraska Animal Shelter manager Lisa Doescher said to combat the noise try keeping the radio or TV on or having white noise helps.

"There's also calming collars that you can use just temporarily whether if it's for the evening or they can last a whole month, sometimes that's what we need with all the fireworks," said Doescher.

There are also Thundershirts that can help hug and put pressure on your pet's chest to help calm them.

Doescher also encourages people to get their pets microchipped, as many spooked pups tend to run off.