This is the medical symptom Nebraskans Google the most

Everyone knows that the most medically sound way to diagnose a symptom is to Google it. To go down a rabbit hole of info on a particular malady, exploring sources legit ( and less-than-legit (Yahoo Answers).

(The previous paragraph was intended as irony. If something is wrong, go to the doctor, dude.)

Now, the website has collected the most frequently Googled symptoms over the past year before running them back through Google Trends to see which symptoms had the highest search volume for each state.

So what’s this report say is the most-Googled symptom for the state of Nebraska?

That would be low testosterone.

According to the report, Nebraskans are Googling “signs of low testosterone” more than other symptoms. In fact, Nebraska was the only state to have low-T as the most-Googled symptom.

States surrounding Nebraska (Iowa, Missouri, Kansas) were most concerned about “stress.” Stress was actually the most-Googled symptom overall, the top search in one-fifth of the U.S.

Much of the South wanted to know about “nasal congestion.”

Maine, apparently, has the “night sweats.”

Alaska can’t stop “snoring.”

New Mexico searched the most for “flem,” a misspelling of “phlegm.” (No judgment. That’s how I’d Google it, too.)

And Wisconsin? Wisconsin would like to know what its “light colored poop” is all about.

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