This day in history: Tornado, flooding hits panhandle in 2010

The evening of July 6, is shaping up to be a nice one in the southern Panhandle, but that was not the case 11 years ago. 

Tuesday, the National Weather Service in Cheyenne recounted a wild weather day for the area from July 6, 2010. The day saw flash flooding, severe thunderstorms and a tornado pass through the area. 

The NWS says a cold front positioned itself along I-80 from Sidney, Neb. to Laramie, Wyo., that afternoon. As it pushed through the southern panhandle, thunderstorms developed to along the front. 

The storms intensified and brought heavy rainfall to eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska. The National Weather Service says in the days leading up to the storm, much of the area had received 2-4 inches of rain. Due to this, not much rain was needed to cause flash flooding on July 6. 

In addition to the flooding, the NWS reports a tornado touched down south of Potter that day, moving close to Sidney and Lodgepole as it tracked northeast. Winds peaked between 68 and 71 miles per hour, making it an EF-0 tornado. 

No injuries or deaths were reported as result of the storm. There was, however, damage reported in the area, including a train derailment in Sidney at the Highway 30 overpass. 

Other reports from the National Weather Service say farmers indicated losing a significant amount of their wheat crops and 1-inch hail falling at a heavy rate in Cheyenne County. 

The pictures above were compiled by the National Weather Service as part of their storm reports. Photos provided without credit are listed as from "unknown" on the NWS's report.