Sustainability-focused company to use former Cabela’s distribution center for operations

SIDNEY, NE — A green company that got its start in Cozad, Nebraska has announced the opening of a facility in Sidney. 

In a statement, ReCircled CEO Scott Kuhlman says his company has signed a lease and is moving into part of the former Cabela's distribution center. Kuhlman says Sidney was an ideal location due to the rail lines in town and its geographical location in the center of the United States.

Sidney Economic Development director Melissa Norgard says the company will start in one building of approximately 90,000 square feet. 

ReCircled works to ensure the reuse and recycling of the 100 billion pieces of clothing and 25 billion shoes produced every year. 

The company takes in unsold, old or damaged clothing from brands and retailers. Anything deemed usable is cleaned through a waterless CO2 process, repaired, photographed and sold online or sent to stores for sale.

If the clothing is damaged beyond repair, the garments are broken down so the raw materials can be used again.

Kuhlman says the Sidney facility will become, "the center for the innovation needed to create the first garment-to-garment recycling system in the U.S."

In the statement he says the company is working to develop a system that will be capable of disassembly of all clothing, shoes and accessories at scale. The new process will use robotics, optical scanners and laser cutters and they hope to have the first system operational in early 2022.

"This is the culmination of the past years, working to build the process that is necessary to help brands and retailers create a Circular Business Model and close the loop," Kuhlman said. "It will also be nice to add jobs to the local economy since the closure of the Cabela's Headquarters. With ReCircled upcylcing and recycling activities and the commitment from our brand partners, we are confident this is a long term proposition for industry and the town of Sidney."

According to ReCircled's website, less than one percent of all clothing produced is recycled into new garments.

ReCircled got its start in Cozad and is now headquartered in Denver. The company also has a location in Prato, Italy.