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Superior boy raising money, awareness by running

SUPERIOR, Neb. (KSNB) - Pride has come and gone but a young boy from Superior is still raising money and inspiring people all over the world. 

8-year-old Jaxon Karnatz started making videos of him running in support of his two dads during Pride month, sharing them on the account of one of his dads, Brian Splater. 

“We created a TikTok page just a little over two months ago and had started documenting and recording his jogs and our daughter as well, she started after awhile and then we just started uploading them to TikTok and it took off from all over,” said Karnatz’s Dad Brian Splater.

Karnatz’s running has inspired people so much that they’ve sent cards and even money to say thank you.


“I can’t believe they gave from the United Kingdom,“ Karnatz said.

Karnatz never expected for this to blow up like it did. He just wanted to show support for his two dads and change people’s perspective on the LGBTQ+ community.

“To change people’s lives who hate and think that God hates gay people,” Karnatz said. “I like to change their lives.”

Karnatz said he has run on practically every block in Superior to raise awareness but he doesn’t plan to stop there. Now that pride is over, he’s decided to continue running for charity, with all the proceeds is going to the Ambassadors of Kindness toy drive, an organization started by his dads to give foster kids a memorable Christmas.

People interested in helping Karnatz can sponsor a block for him and his family to run by donating to the Ambassadors of Kindness Paypal for $3.