Stothert on Future Gov’s Race: ‘Never Say Never’

Omaha, NE—Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert won’t say no to a possible run for governor someday.

Speaking with News Channel Nebraska this week, Stothert—a Republican— said she is not interested in serving in the US House or Senate, but would “never say never” to governor.

Stothert: I won’t run for Congress and I won’t run for the Senate.

NCN: You did not say anything about governor.

Stothert: I did not.

Stothert said she would not make any decision on her political future for another two years—taking a run for governor next year off the table but possible come 2022.

Mayor Stothert was re-elected to a second term in May and is leaving open the possibility that she could seek a third term in 2021. “I like being mayor,” said Stothert who noted that the city’s top executive office is not subject to term limits.

In the last 40 years only Democrat Mayor Mike Fahey served two full terms— from 2001-2009— and Fahey did not seek a third term.

Republican Governor Pete Ricketts is seeking a second term next year but if re-elected would be unable to run in 2022. The governor’s office is limited to two terms.