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Stolen car leads to long pursuit in multiple counties

FREMONT, Neb. (WOWT) - A pursuit Tuesday that started in Cedar Bluffs lasted about an hour.

Authorities say the suspect drove into Fremont, over yards of damaged fences before the driver was pinned in a vacant lot by a Saunders County Deputy.

The driver was taken into custody. The sheriff says it was the same vehicle involved in two pursuits this week which the driver got away.

“State Patrol, Dodge County, and Fremont Police discontinued following the individual but the State Patrol aircraft followed him, and eventually, after an hour and 14 minutes, he drove into this vacant parking lot and we can take him in the parking lot,” said Sheriff Kevin Stukenholtz.


The suspect was taken in for a medical check then booked at Saunders County Jail on numerous charges.