Still alive? TK/Starlite ‘not necessarily’ shutting down after ‘misunderstanding’

NELIGH, Neb. -- After northeast Nebraskans expressed sadness and condolences for the TK/Starlite Drive-In Theater last week, their distraught emotions may have been unnecessary.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, theater management announced on Friday that it would be closing for good. However, in a different Facebook post Wednesday, management indicated that the theater was likely not closing for good, but rather just for the season.

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 "I apologize that there apparently a big misunderstanding between the owner and management, and we are NOT necessarily shutting down for good," the post read. "It might be just for this summer. Very sorry for getting people worked up."

Officials with the drive-in theater had previously stated that the coronavirus pandemic made it difficult to cover operating costs.