Spiffing up a Civil War home: the O’Connor House is renovated

HOMER -- The people of Homer are in for a grand reveal of the renovated O'Connor House Complex.

The museum and historic house in Dakota County was closed for more than a year for the pandemic. During that time, water damage and aging left holes and leaks in the house.

That's why caretaker Jean Hummel replaced an arch, had the trimming painted, added a foundation for a new light pole, and is planting flowers for its re-reveal open house in a few months.

She said there's a little housekeeping left to do.

"We've been working on it for a while," Hummel said.

But historical society President Dennis Reinart said the basement was damaged worse than they thought.

"I wasn't always into history [...] but someone has to keep it alive," he said.

The 1860's house has a completely new roof installed now.

It will have an open house on the first two weekends of November.