Southeast Community College Board approves new budget

BEATRICE – The Southeast Community College Board has approved the college’s new budget, totaling over $293 million. 

The community college’s tax rate was set at 9.73 cents, the same level it has been for the third consecutive year. 

Property valuation in the 15-county service area of Southeast totaled approximately $66 billion, up 6.5% compared to the prior year.   Lancaster County’s valuation accounted for more than half of the total valuation in the service area…..and increased 11.1%....because of increased residential valuation. 

The total property tax requirement of Southeast Community College was set at almost $62 million.   SCC expects to receive state aid during the budget year, totaling over $29 million. 

The SCC Board approved the budget Tuesday, following a public hearing on the Milford Campus, on a 10-0 vote.