Small increase expected in this year’s Gage County Government budget

BEATRICE – Gage County Government’s budget for 2021-22 is anticipated to increase about 2.05%, compared to the past year.

Supervisors Chairman Erich Tiemann says the total tax rate will stay at the cap of 50-cents, as the county continues paying off a huge federal civil rights judgment.
"Last year, the Beatrice Six payment which is the difference between our county spending and that fifty mill....was right at three million dollars...just north of three million dollars. This year, we've added another quarter million to that, so it will be about another three-point-three the money from the state. The reason that has gone up is because we've kept our county spending to a minimum...our increases to a minimum....and our valuation has increased countywide, by about a hundred million dollars."

County employee compensation is projected to increase roughly three to four percent. A public hearing on the Gage County budget is scheduled for September 3rd, after which budget approval will be considered.

With the cost of living running at just under seven percent, county finance committee chairman Terry Jurgens says the budget increase seems appropriate.
"I don't like to spend anymore anyway...but a two percent increase seems very reasonable, to me."

At Wednesday’s board meeting, the supervisors renewed a three-year agreement with Nebraska State Probation for a lease of office space on the second floor of Beatrice Police Headquarters.  County officials also placed on file the new property valuation figures for various political entities for 2021.